Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gilt By JL WIlson

I want to start out by saying I had never heard of JL Wilson before the RT convention. I picked up some of her swag and the book intrigued me so off to B&N I went to buy it. I wanted to love the book, the blurb made me want to love it. What happened was I simply liked the book.

Gem is plagued with gilt after her husband John dies in  fire. All she can think about is arguing with her firefighter husband  moments before he rushes into a burning building to save a small child, a fire where they both die. She can't help but wonder if maybe he was distracted by her angry words.

On the Anniversary of her husbands death she discovers the case is being re opened.  It is then that Gem finds out she can see the ghost of her dead husband. I know you would think this wa a ghost story but it isn't. It is more of a murder mystery with a ghost tossed in. Gem meets Dan whose wife also died in the fire. It is believed that the fire was started to cover up her murder. A little digging though proves that this is much more than a fire but something that has ties to embezzlement and a major crime family.

The book is good, I can't say it isn't. It does have moments when it really seems to drag out and I found myself saying "get on with it all ready". There is a romantic relationship between Dan and Gem but she never lets it go far because she is still carrying gilt over her husbands death and sees moving on as betrayng his memory.

I will also admit there were a couple of places that I grabbed a tissue.  If you like crime drama then by all mean grab this one to read in front of the fireplace on a nice fall day.

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