Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fire Burn and Cauldron bubble. by H.P. Mallory

I have to say that on the whole I loved this book. Yes at times it did get a little drawn out but still I wanted to read more. When it ended I was heading to Amazon looking for book two of the series.

This is a book full of hot guys. Rand the warlock who has feelings for Jolie the witch he is training yet he refuses to act on them. Trent the werewolf who Jolie decides to date if she can't have Rand. Sinjin the vampire who is nothing but a flirt and we still don't know what his agenda is. Add to all this male sexiness an evil with by name of Bella who wants to rule the other world creatures.
 The story moves long fairly well, I find myself relating to Jolie as she struggles to come to terms with being a witch, being taken from her home and shown  world she didn't even know existed.

What's even better I at the moment amazon is offering this book for free on kindle. Head over there and get it, it's a very entertaining read and you will be hurrying out to buy the second book just to see what Sinjin is up to and if Jolie will finally make Rand understand you can mix business and pleasure.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Claiming Mariah by Pam Hillman

I had a hard time putting this book down and that is a rare thing for me.
 Mariah has been struggling with running the Lazy M ranch since her father died. Thinking she is doing the right thing after she finds out her father had stolen the money to buy the ranch she contacts his one time partner in mining. Slade Donavan and his brother Buck show up at the ranch showing the dead to the mine and claiming ownership of the ranch. Slade agrees to let Mariah and her grandmother stay at the ranch until his own mother shows up. Neither one expects to fall in love with the other and when Slade discovers cattle rustling going on the danger he brings to Mariah causes him to prove that love.
I don't read a lot of western romances but this one was a really good book. I didn't want to put it down and hated that I had to go to work because it meant I couldn't read. I hated that it ended, I wanted it to go a little further. I need a book with Buck finding his true love, I want to know more about Slade's mother and sisters. This is an author who I will read more of.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beastiality By Shameek Speight

What can I say about this book. It was bad. I can't believe I actually wasted a dollar on it, I can't believe I actually finished it. I know it is a story, I know it is fantasy but make it somewhat believable.

A wonderful happily married couple move to San Diego, why? Because apparently it is the only town that won't discriminate against Bi- Racial couples. Trevor is a doctor, I'm not sure how long he has been out of medical school but long enough that he has money to spare and apparently no loans to pay off. His wife is Natalie and apparently she has money of her own from some business she runs. Natalie is lonely in the new town, she misses Chicago she wants a child. Trevor decides to get her a dog instead. What does she choose but a Great Dane, Pitt Bull mix.
When she gives more attention to the dog then her husband he decides to have an affair with the woman on the first floor.
It isn't long before the dog goes crazy, chews off Natalies cloths and rapes her. He does this repeatedly never letting her dress and forcing her to take him when ever he wants. This happens for several weeks and her husband never seems to check his voice mail or return home.

Apparently her calls to 911 are ignored because she does call for help but no one shows up.
Her husband finally does show up  and he tries to shoot the dog but misses and the bullet goes through the floor. Ironically the people who live below them don't seem to care about the gunfire upstairs.

This isn't some inner city apartment, this is a condo wroth models, doctors and so forth. Why no one calls for help, reports strange sounds or gunfire and why 911 doesn't respond to the call is beyond me. The story is just to unbelievable for words. The sex while plenty of it is the same sex over and over and over.

Don't waste your money on this book