Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nor Iron Bars a Cage by Kaje Harper

I love this book. I can't say that enough, I loved this book. Lyon came to life for me. First he was a sorcerer then a hermit. Lyon was trained to be a sorcerer, a profession that is dying out as magic seems to be vanishing and young men want more dashing jobs. It was during his training that Lyon learned what true evil was as he watched his beloved master become consumed by a dark power until there was nothing left. Fearing for his life and sanity Lyon fled in the night letting everyone believe he was dead. He found a small home and for fifteen years he lived as a translator and then the ghost from his past appears when Tobin, his best friend appears at his door and tells him he must do the bidding of the king. I could feel his fears as he took the first steps down the road all in order to help a friend in need.
There wasn't a lot of sex, in fact the sex that did happen wasn't in great detail but that didn't bother me. Granted I kept yelling at the book to hurry up and do it but that is beside the point.

I got to meet Kaje at GRL and I will admit I became a fan girl. I screamed out "Nor Iron Bars a Cage. I LOVED that book." So now I look like a crazy fan but that is beside the point.