Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ghost of Alcatraz By Carol Lynne

The blurb made the book sound a whole lot better that it was. This is a very quick read, a little over 100 pages. It is a good idea, the prison of Alcatraz has been remodeled and now houses cyber criminals. Everything is going great when the first dead body appears. Now these are not hardened criminals in these cells but computer geeks so when a second and third body shows up the Warden knows he has problems. Jenson Black  calls for help and what he gets is a paranormal investigator. What is discovered is that the prison may be remodeled some very dark spirits still linger and those spirits are string enough to cause injury and even death to those on the rock.

For me it needed to be a longer book. I had a hard time getting into the story just because it was short and to the point, no building up, no getting to know and feel the stars of the story. This story would have been great had I had some feeling for the prisoners that where being murdered in their cell or if I would have had a stronger connection with Jensen, the warden who didn't know what to do to protect his men and the convicts yet at the same time had feelings for the investigator. It is a good Halloween quick read, and for that I would recommend it.

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