Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Five People You Meet In Heaven

I absolutely loved this book. It really made me stop and think for a moment how we affect those around us, sometimes in ways we don't know. This is a book about discovery both of ourselves and of those around us.

Eddie lived a long life but he sees it as an uneventful life. He never became all that he dreamed he would be, he felt he never really lived or made a difference in the lives of those around him. On his 83rd birthday he is tragically killed in an amusement park accident. In the after life he meets five people, these five people show how he  and they affected each other in someway. They also show him that sometimes something as simple as a smile can make all the difference to a person.

I really encourage everyone to read this book. When they are done to think about the people that have come and gone in their loves and wonder whose day they might have made just a little brighter.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shatter me by Tehereh Mafi

. It was really hard for me to get into but once I did I couldn't put it down.
Juliette is locked away fro her own good. Her touch can and has killed people. She is happy locked away because then she can't hurt anyone.
The drought has come, the plants died, then the animals followed by people. The reestablishment has taken over the world. They decide what language we can speak, how we should live, what we can eat. The is a resistance though, and the reestablisment wants to use Juliette and her deadly touch to torture people to giving away the location of the resistance.
Will Juliette join the reestablisment or will she fight the movement?

As I said it reminded me a lot of x-men. There are people that have developed a special mutant power and they must learn to live in a society that doesn't accept them. If you make it past the first third of the book you will be happy you did.

The Flesh Cartel #2: Auction by Rachel Haimowitz

This is book two and I started reading it as soon as I finished book one. Matt and Dougie still aren't fully aware that they are being prepared to be sold as sex slaves. Matt still fights what is happening to him but not as much as before because he hopes to somehow protect Dougie. They are seperated yet close enough that Matt can hear when Dougie is forced to give blow jobs and Dougie can hear Matts screams as he is raped over and over with not only a nightstick but by the guards as well. The brothers are finally led to a stage where Matt watches as Dougie is raped for the enjoyment of the the buyers. Dougie is also forced to punish Matt for the entertainment of the buyers.
I enjoyed this book, Yes it has rape, beatings, sexual torture but there is also a plot to the book. It isn't a book that is written only for the joy of brutal sex. As I said with book one, buy the series because as soon as you finish one you will want to start the next.

The Flesh Cartel #1: Capture by Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau

I actually enjoyed this book. No it isn't for the faint of heart but the book warns you of that before you start. Matt and Dougie are brothers. Dougie is a college student and Matt is a prize fighter who has done a few rounds of extreme fighting to make sure his brother gets a good education. They are orphans,having only each other in this world. When Matt arrives home to find someone trying to kidnap Dougie the kidnappers decided to take both brothers. What the brothers don't know is they are being sold into the world of sexual slavery.

Yes this book is graphic with rape, forced blow jobs, beatings and so forth. If you don't mind a book that is more extreme yet still has a plot then I would say read this. A warning though, you need to go ahead an buy the whole series because you will want to go from one book to the next

The Stable Master: Used and Abused by Lexi Irons

First off this is a very short quick read, around 51 pages. Second don't read it if your looking for a plot but then again the title should warn you of that. To make a short story into one sentence this is a book about a woman who has sex with a horse. That's it.
Amber is Master Harts slave. When he invited Master Woods over to his stable the men prepare her to be mounted by the stallion Fury. The rest of the book describes the horse having sex with her. If your looking for a book that is about bestiality  then this is it, if you want a plot then, well ok I'm going to assure your weren't looking for a plot when you bought this book. If you like such things then Lexi Irons did a wonderful job

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bound by Blood by Jourdan Lane

I really like paranormal romance and if it has a gay theme then I like it even better. Peter is a mortal who doesn't want a long complicated relationship which is exactly what he gets when he falls in love with Lucien a vampire and owner of the nightclub The Den.

Lucien is the typical male vampire, all  big bad guy on the outside but tortured soul behind closed doors and Peter is the typical human, he may appear weak but he has a strength to him that Lucien needs. Nothing is ever easy when you fall in love with a vampire though there are vampire politic  wereanimals that  cause problems, a council that doesn't approve and someone is always trying to take over the seat of master of the city.

Between the plot there is a lot of very hot sex. At times it seems like the book is porn with a plot but you do fall in love with the characters  you care about what happens to them and you want to keep reading which is the most important thing when it comes down to it.

Read the book, enjoy the story, love the sex and grab the next in the series

RT Convention

I spent the weekend at the RT convention in Kansas City. I met some amazing people and added so many books to my wish list. Of course I was also given so many free books that it makes my head spin. I must get to reading so I can recommend all the wonderful new people I met to you. If you ever get a chance to go to a romance readers convention, even if it is only the meet the authors day pass, I advise you to go.